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Like a Heron...

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...but with a change in collar material. I used Scaup flank as I really enjoy the better defined black/white pattern it carries. I've also found that the fibers can be much longer than teal; the extension adds more flow to the finished fly overall in my eyes.
Probably one of my favorite flies created. Definitely my favorite by Syd Glasso

The temps are dropping, water levels have been good all year. Autumn's presence is just off in the distance, wandering as it always does towards late September.
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Very Nice Tie Sir

Like this one alot
A Heron through and through: No doubt Mr. Glasso would approve.

The collar stood-out as Scaup the instant I saw it. I received a small neck patch from a duck-hunter once. Very nice stuff.
One of my favorite patterns. Nicely done.
Fantastic tying !!
A favorite fall/winter pattern for me .
I like the collar . When I tie mine , I mix it up a bit . Bouncing from disticntly marked Teal and Gadwell to Silver Pheasant as well .

Nice work !!

Nice fly. Picked some good hackle for the wing, great curve there.
lovely dressing, i really enjoy the materials selected for this one.
I need it.

can I have it?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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