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Light Bamboo Spey Rods tapers needed

Light Spey Rods Tapers

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My name is Marcelo from Argentina. I,m a fishing Rodmaker. I make bamboo rods, and you can know me better reading my Profile in the last number of Powerfibers Magazine July Issue.
I designed a new concept of ferrule made with bamboo and getting a very strong transference of power and lost of weight, the 2MBFS (Mini Metal Bamboo Ferrule System).
Because of that I'm trying to design a Light Spey rod for fishing Tierra del Fuego rivers and Rio Gallegos for Sea Runs. I know that this is not the object of this forum, but I need help. Can anybody send me some Light Spey rod s tapers to compare and design my own?
I not have here in Argentina the facilities to find books so if you can help me I will apreciate.

Thank you in advance
[email protected]:eyecrazy:
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