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Probably not it but something that dawned on me while I was fishing on Friday.

Since I have been getting into the underhand thing I never changed the way I gripped the bottom handle from my more traditional stroke. I was just using my index and thumb and holding onto the bottom knob of the lower grip.

So after watching Decs video and reviewing Danas casting videos I went to holding the whole bottom grip in my bottom hand. Doing this immediately fixed my trajectory issues. I think what was happening by just holding the bottom of the grip the rod was pivoting in my grip and giving me a much lower trajectory. A full grip made the stop much more positive and the line actually flew up rather that a few feet above the water.

Not even sure that makes sense or even helps your issue but was a minor change for me that helped a great deal with my underhand distance casting.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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