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Been fishing my 13 foot 8wt with a short head line (orvis type 1 head, which folks tell me is an SA short head with the colors reversed) pretty much exclusively twice a week since the season started. I'm shooting 25 to 30 feet with good loop shape, speed and leader turnover in fishing conditions, which believe me, I'm thrilled with.

I've been using a stroke like Dec Hogan on his DVD. Strong bottom hand into the abdomen, and the top hand elbow starting at 90 degree angle and barely opening during the stroke.

My question is how do you lengthen this type of stroke for more distance? When I open up and extend the top arm, I get more line speed, a tighter loop, but the line flies about 3 feet off the water the whole way, which is kickass in the wind, but is definitely cheating me on distance. I'm assuming this is due to the downward motion of the bottom hand and going past 10 o'clock on the delivery.

I've always read that 90 feet from the rod tip is about the distance a 13 foot rod should fish, but when I nail everything my running line really makes the reel chirp HARD, so I know this rod is capable of SO much more, even If I'm not...

Any ideas?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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