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lengthening bottom hand oriented stroke

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Been fishing my 13 foot 8wt with a short head line (orvis type 1 head, which folks tell me is an SA short head with the colors reversed) pretty much exclusively twice a week since the season started. I'm shooting 25 to 30 feet with good loop shape, speed and leader turnover in fishing conditions, which believe me, I'm thrilled with.

I've been using a stroke like Dec Hogan on his DVD. Strong bottom hand into the abdomen, and the top hand elbow starting at 90 degree angle and barely opening during the stroke.

My question is how do you lengthen this type of stroke for more distance? When I open up and extend the top arm, I get more line speed, a tighter loop, but the line flies about 3 feet off the water the whole way, which is kickass in the wind, but is definitely cheating me on distance. I'm assuming this is due to the downward motion of the bottom hand and going past 10 o'clock on the delivery.

I've always read that 90 feet from the rod tip is about the distance a 13 foot rod should fish, but when I nail everything my running line really makes the reel chirp HARD, so I know this rod is capable of SO much more, even If I'm not...

Any ideas?
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If you watch Henrick Mortensen's video you'll see how he turns his upper torso to reach back into the D loop and to begin the forward stroke. I've tried this and found that (especially) with short bellies it creats a lot more line speed without more effort and effectively lengthens the stroke. Best way to visualize this if you have not seen the video is by imagining you're standing fairly square to your target and you perform your standard cast, but when you get to the point where you've set up your D loop and you are raising your right arm at the pause/drift (assuming you are right handed) turn your torso so your upper body is facing almost upstream. This moves the right shoulder farther back, and when you begin the forward stroke the first thing to move is the right shoulder coming back forward by turning to face back towards the target, followed by the cast as you would normally have done it.

If you're unsure of this, grab the butt section of a rod and pantomime a cast. Stop at the end of your D loop stroke and see how far back the rod is from your feet. Now do it with the upper body twisting away from the target towards the D loop and see how far the rod is from your feet now.

I was amazed at how this not only lengthens the stroke but creates a higher line speed with no more effort.
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Probably not it but something that dawned on me while I was fishing on Friday.

Since I have been getting into the underhand thing I never changed the way I gripped the bottom handle from my more traditional stroke. I was just using my index and thumb and holding onto the bottom knob of the lower grip.

So after watching Decs video and reviewing Danas casting videos I went to holding the whole bottom grip in my bottom hand. Doing this immediately fixed my trajectory issues. I think what was happening by just holding the bottom of the grip the rod was pivoting in my grip and giving me a much lower trajectory. A full grip made the stop much more positive and the line actually flew up rather that a few feet above the water.

Not even sure that makes sense or even helps your issue but was a minor change for me that helped a great deal with my underhand distance casting.

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