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I am thinking of using weighted flies this fall instead of the lighter type 3 and type 6 tips. Just wondering if anyone has a good leader formula for heavy weight flies. I will be using a 15 or 16 foot rod with a grand spey line. Thanks for any input.

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I just re read your post after my reply...I gave you the leader I use with a sink tip of the weights you described. Sorry about that. :(

For fishing heavily weighted flies with a floating line I typically fish a leader in the 15' range. There's a formula at the bottom of the page on the above link that will give you an idea of the ratios.

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First. For weighted flies use Maxima as it is stiffer than other products on the market and will turn over better. I use Ultrageen except for the 12# which is Cham. That way I always know where the 12# for repair purposes

I use 50# 25#
36" 20#
15" 15#
20" 12#
30# 10#

If you prefer 12# leader than lengthen the 15 and the 12 and skip the 10.

I also use furrled leaders for this purpose. The furled leader is 9' in length and has 4 feet of tippet on it and will turn over anything.

I would also consider using an intermediate polyleader with 3-4' of 10# on the end.
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