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Last of the Fly Tying

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Partail Packs worth everbit Blue Eared Pheasant mixed $20
6 Packs of Guinea $10 SOLD
10 packs of kid goat $10 SOLD
3 Packs of pheasant tippets $15
Bunch of body material $20
13 French Silk and silver and gold ribbing $43 SOLD
11 Daimond Flat Braid $25
All the flash $30 SOLD

Paypall [email protected] shipping not included


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Vince I take all your flashing for 30. Shipping can't be that much let me know how much + 30.
13 French Silk and silver and gold ribbing $43

Paypall [email protected] shipping not included
I'll take it.
sold items

silk and flash sold pending funds
BE Pheasant

I'll take the blue eared pheasant.....
Guinea and Kid Goat

PM sent on Guinea and Kid Goat!
Sold items

Guinea sold,flashsold,floss sold,amherst tails sold,
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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