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We were in the St Augustine, Fl area last week. I fly fished with my host and his new family of fishers including an excellent guide. Due to all of the storms, hurricanes and other disturbances going up the Atlantic, there were zero tarpon sighted or caught.

We went out on Wed, and the wind and waves were so high we could only use spinning rods with lures or bait. In the afternoon we caught a lot of 1- 3 # critters of different species including some vicious top water Blue Fish action.

The next day we spent the morning scouting for tarpon in the near ocean with nothing sighted and not even any feeding birds.

We went into the Coastal Waters near Jax Naval Air Station. The wind calmed down and we got into some hot small fish. The other guys and guide told me to rig up Meiser's 9/10 Switch rod and try the Crease Fly as they were curious. One of the other guys was very experienced with one handed rods, and the wind and tight quarters made it impossible for him to use a fly rod on the boat.

I put my Rio OB WF 11 Floater on the Meise Switch, a 15' leader on the advice of the guide, a couple of feet of FC and a 4/0 Crease fly. My first cast caught a fish. They put me on the stern by the motor, and I followed their casts with lures and/or bait as we worked various oyster beds and flats.

In spite of the afternoon winds kicking up, the OB handled the 95 degree air temp and 80 plus water temp very well. I did Skagit casts when in close 30 to 50'. OH casts, when we were out further from fishy areas. The wind was kicking up so my OH's were limited to 40' to 50' into the wind with the big air resistant Crease Fly. With the wind behind or quartering me, I was casting 60 to 70', rod tip to fly.

No one caught anything and we went back to where we caught fish, and I sight cast to nervous water. Caught some more fish and had some excitement when a hooked Lady Fish lost about 5 inches of her tail to a bigger fish probably a big blue.

The Rio Outbound handled very well. It never coiled nor kinked up inspite of not pulling the kinks/coils before casting. I used the deck by the motor for my shooting line and never had a problem. Actually, the running line performed better in the heat and warm water than it does in the cold/cooler water here in N California.

The guide was impressed with how Meise's Switch Rod and the OB were able to control the line'fly and not interfer with the other two fishers or him with the rod, line or fly.

Hopefully, Rio will make some OB Floaters in the 13 and 14 weight for those of us who use the heavier two handed rods. Another 50 to 100 grains in the head would have resulted in better rod loading of the 9/10 Meiser Switch rod and better distance casting. Still the OB WF 11F and Meiser Switch rod worked well in tight casting situations with other fishers, the boat command center with verticle rods on both sides and the guide on a 21' boat.

With a little care and awareness, my Meiser Switch Rods are great rods on a small boat. Now the OBs add more casting styles and ranges with these great rods, and they are a lot easier to cast than the normal salt water one handed lines.
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