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Recenty purchased a spool of Varivas running line from Mike Sturza in Onalaska, WA. This stuff is amazing! It floats far better than slickshooter and you can mend it easily at almost any length. It's amazing how easily you can manage a belly down most any slot you want with such ease. The other thing I have notices is how it does not knot up on itself. Whether singlehanded or speyville I think this would be an awesome thing to try on any line. I imagine this line has been chatted about somewhere on the 'pages, but had to put my 2cents in. I Love It!

If you want a spool I'm sure there are many locations to get this product, but I'm passionate about supporting local shops wherever the are. If you happen to Google 'Mike Sturza Onalaska' you could hit upon this wonderfully generous man's contact info. Give it a try
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