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I manage the Kharlovka and East Litza rivers on the Kola...many of you are familiar with the postings of Per Stadigh our consultant. Our season has started of in an outstanding manner with fish averaging 20lbs and a top fish of 39lbs taken by Swedish angler Michael Janssen.

We are engaging in a radio tagging project this year to ascertain how our multi-sea winter fish use the Kharlovka system. As an associated issue I am looking for up to 8 fit and competent volunteers to assist me in exploring the Upper Kharlovka in early August this year.

We know that 70% of our fish go through Kharlovka falls and we have a myriad of unexplored river to evaluate. Our brief test fishing at the end of last season produced numerous fish including a 40 pounder. Volunteers will stay at Kharlovka Lodge and will have access to all facilities and fishing. The operation is helicopter supported.

I require a contribution of $1500 US and a short fishing CV. This opportunity is not for beginners but for exploration minded experienced steelhead/salmon anglers. It is a one off and will not re-occur.

Please mail me if interested.

Tight Lines !

A.Gordon Sim

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