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Last time we looked at print media; now let's have a look at those videos that I think no serious student of Speycasting should be without.

I thought a lot about which videos to recommend, and I limited myself to 5. Why these 5? Because with them you have a complete course on casting the double handed fly rod. Also because these feature some of the most innovative and influential casters of our time teaching the methods that they perfected and made famous.

Here they are:

Falkus on Flycasting: one of the original (the original?) Speycasting videos. Classic "old school" Speycasting from one of the great champions of 20th century salmon fishing. Discusses the roll cast, single spey, and double spey.

Derek Brown's Spey Masterclass: still one of the best videos out there on classic longline Spey technique. Covers tackle setup, casting drills, the roll cast, single spey, double spey, snake roll, distance casting, casting the full sinking line, and single handed Speys. Derek has dropped out of the Spey scene the past few years but there was a time when he was "the man" and his DVD stands the test of time. One of my all-time favorites.

Henrik Mortensen's The Perfect Cast: if you're are interested in Underhand casting this is the best English language video available. Might be a bit heavy on the fish porn for some but there is some good instructional stuff in there. Henrik's tatoos are cool too.

RIO's Modern Speycasting: a great overall resource. If you are only buying one DVD, this is the one. Covers everything in lots of detail. Longline, Scandinavian, Skagit, single hand, single spey, double spey, snap-t, snake roll, tackle setup, a bit of fish porn. Yep, this one has it all.

The Art of Speycasting: Jeff Pill and his crew do an excellent job bringing together many of the top two-handed casters form around the world. There really isn't anything else out there like this DVD. If you want to know what a real underhand cast looks like, Goran Andersson is there to show you. Want to see Steve Rajeff's long distance overhead technique? That's there too.
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