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Remember that our sponsor Kaufmann's is hosting a Spey Days gathering at Big Eddy on the upper Skykomish this Saturday and Sunday. This promises to be a "must attend" event as several top Spey casters from the international community will be on hand to demonstrate and provide you with casting tips, not to mention the large number manufacturers who will be represented.

See you there!

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It sounds like Saturday maybe the busiest day, so attending Sunday wouldnt be a bad idea...plus Rajeff and Cook will only be at the show on Sunday.

Plus...the 7/8 Grandspey will be available for casting...and Goran Andersson of Loop will have with him the prototype Grey Line Spey rods...I had a chance to wiggle these tongiht...I guarentee they will turn some heads Saturday and Sunday.

See ya there!! :)

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It was a great day on the Sky

Really learned a lot today. Going back out in the morning hoping to cast as many rods as possible. Take more pics and vids. Ask more questions. I was just overwhelmed by all the info, but I really can't wait to wake up and hit it again. Actually trying to decide if I need a fourth Spey rod. Andy let me toss his Hardy. It was really nice. Looking hard at those Loops and Scotts though. Let me try and post a pick of Dana. He started off the morning and wowed the crowd.



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