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Yup. That's the trade-off with warm and waterproof gloves. No feel. Kast has released the MX Pro version which they say is thinner. That might be a better option but again a trade-off of colder fingers.

I've concluded there's no magic solution.

OK, I drank the cool aid....read a write up on these about how the guy doesn't like gloves but gets cold hands..always looking but hasn't found anything worth a damn...

Then the magic happens and he tries the Kaest glove...WOW...life is changed and they are great...

One born every minute..Mine arrived and they are snug but bulky at the finger tips...there is no way in hell you could tie a fly on with these...I also seriously doubt you can feel you line what so ever with them on....The wrist cuffs are so thick that getting it under a jacket is not going to be fun....

I was showing them to the guys at the shop and the general consensus wasn't good....so i'm standing there looking at the 20 dollar or such simms freestone ones...and this year they have the mitten thing that comes off when tying on a fly etc. and I bought those and am quite happy...

Not Impressed!!!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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