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My wife and kid will be out of town for a week, leaving me, the dogs and the truck. I'm looking for options for a trip that would include a campfire, a nice river, a two-handed rod, and perhaps a big fish of some kind.

I live in Idaho near the Clearwater river, but everything here is still climbing up to a peak runoff that will probably happen on that particular weekend. Not good for my master plan.

So, what kind of options do I have? I'm willing to drive as far as the Oregon coast or the Olympic Peninsula if need be, but closer is obviously fine too. Will the Deschutes have workable flows? My two-handed fishing experience is exclusively winter-oriented, so I'm starting with pretty limited knowledge here. All I really know is that any NW rivers that rely on snowpack for water will probably be out of the question for a little while still.

Anyway, just trolling for thoughts. TIA
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