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I have been working with Carron lines for a couple of months now and have come to couple conclusions and as most people who know me will attest that I am not one for snap discussions.
One these lines are as good as advertised.
Two I have a never cast a line with such little memory.
Here are afew more rods that I have worked on with the lines.

Carron 11/12

CND Thompson Specialist 16’7 likes the 11/12 (weight is 840 grains).
I have been casting this line on this combination for a couple of week.
This past week I had several of the Northwest Primer Speycasters work with the combination and the opinions were the same they liked.

Thomas and Thomas 15ft for 10 wt 5 piece.
Worked with both the 10/11 and 11/12 and the rod seemed to do well with both I prefer the 10/11 but would opt for the 11/12 if I had some nasty wind conditions or had some really heavy tips or flies.

Carron 10/11
Bruce and Walker Norway 15’ 9/11 test showed how good of rod this it will simply cast as much line as you can handle.

Redington New Designed 15’ for 10/11 and the 14 for 9/10 both rods were tested my numerous casters and the result was the same: line and rods functioned as one unit.

Thomas and Thomas
14 ft 9 Three piece cast the line extremely well without bogging down the crisp fast feel of the action.

More later


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Slightly off topic, but regarding the B&W Norway on Mister Speybums report, was it the 9/10 or 10/11, as to my knowledge, there is no 9/11 at the present rod selection?

And a question, also off topic, what Windcutter would Mr. Speybum recommend to 9/10 Norway? I am aware of the Rio recommendations, but my reference point of 8/9 Grand Spey, which I bought, leads me into a conclusion that the Rio recs are way way off to the heavy side.
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