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Hi Spey Casters,

I would like to report from Japan for the results of our first national Spey casting event including the competition of distance Speycasting.
It’s held by JCA (Japan casting association) at Hakone on 26th Sept, approx 100 anglers gathered and whole event went so well.
The distance event was excited. It has Simple rule of Speycasting (Switch cast) with any length of rod and line less than #12. Total 26 competitors tried their best of three casts.
The results of distance competition were.

Winning cast: 46.0m (50.6yds) by Mr. Nezu : CND Thompson SP x XLT #8/9
Runner-up : 42.5m (46.5yds) by Mr. kanaya : CND Salmo Salar SP x TT #10 80' head
3rd position : 42.0m (45.9yds) by Mr.Inoue : B&W 16' Power light x XLT #8/9

These top three contestants are come from first five casters at the tournament. Unfortunately wind getting stronger against casters later on the event. We might have got better results from potential casters appeared later on.
However considering that this is the first competition in Japan, we all appreciate the results and achievement. :smokin:

We also have invited Mr. Reel-spey from Scotland for this event and he has impressed the ability of Japanese spey casters.
Reel-spey also gave us great demonstration of genuine Speycasting and even showed us 60yds + casting using tournament spey line with his Beast rod. :eek:
We end-up with his Speycasting clinic for over 35 anglers and he gave us extra four days of serious Speycasting School after the event.
On behalf of these Japanese Spey anglers at event and schools I would like to give our special thanks to Reel-spey for his excellent teaching.
We hope that we could continue this event again next year. Anyone interested, you are more than welcome to visit Japan and join the event.

Cherry pick.

Junkyard Spey
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Hey Cherry Pick...

Cool report. Thanks!

Coast2coast Flyfishaholic
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Amazing results!

I hope to someday experience instruction from Mr.Gordon in the art of long line casting.
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