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Health and other issues indicate time to "thin the herd". I have a pair of 4's: the black one has never been fished. The gold one has been used a total of 11 hours since new. Serial numbers are 258, and 396.

Reels are presently outfitted with Sci-Aglr's buckskin DT-10's, and backing.
According the Islander web page, the regular arbor 4 has a ~slightly~ larger capacity than the LA 4.5.

I have the white boxes, and the blue neoprene pouches. The warranty cards are missing over time.

Try 550 each, or 1025 the pair. I'll do the stamps, and tracking number, from scenic Smithers, BC. k driedge at telus dot net. close it up, and it's me. Thanks for looking. KD
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