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Another big bucks company.... I assume everyone has seen the commercials for the new video console Wii, where the 2 oriental men go out and challenge people to play. Anyways there are 2 controls, and it shows them playing ping pong with the controlers, and the system is so advanced the controlers are like actual ping pong paddles, and their are two of them. This got me to thinking, Someone could make a flyfishing game with this. You could work on your casting, they could have the "actions" of their various rods, they could have tutorials on how not to get tailing loops, tutorials on spey casts, and while actual fishing wouldnt be much fun, having a stream with a hatch and having to pick a fly and set the hook on a rising fish would be preety fun. This sounds like something Sage in conjunction with AFFTA could get in on.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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