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I'd lose that CLA 5.

I had two, one a 5 and one a 6 and had both of them seize and release when fighting fish in BC.

They look great and when just pulling line off to check the drag seemed fine but I had two situations where I lost big fish because of it, once with the guide standing there and afterwards said "get rid of that if you're going to fish big fish".

Spring for a Nautilus and you will never
I know they don't like me at Ross.......

My 3 cents worth.


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I have four of the Ross CLA's.

Two CLA 5's and two CLA 4's. The 5's have seen steelhead up to 15#'s. I can't count the number of trout on the 4's. Both well traveled for 7 years. Not one problem to date.

The CLA 5 should work fine with the 13'2 7wt...I guess there are exceptions.
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