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Almost three weeks ago I snapped the tip off my sage spey rod, I was pretty upset but that is what warranty is for. Made contact and sent in my rod, due to their backlog my rod would not be back for an estimated 5-6 weeks. This put a damper to my fishing as summer steelhead fishing is ramping up here on the NU.
So there I go scrambling to find a rod to fish, I wish I had tons of other rods , but I dont. I did have an old Scott SH 8wt rod that was converted to a switch rod, it had been sitting in the garage for a while. Began to look around to see what line to use, butchered some old scandi heads to try and make something happen, but nothing felt right. I contacted Steve Godshall and drove to his shop so that he could take a look at the rod and suggest something. Steve is awesome, right then and there put a line together for me and said "go and have fun with it, tell me how it goes"
I did just that, went to the river to test the line out, played with leader lengths and casting and I think I found it's sweet spot. Seemed like a nice little set up, fished it and had a couple of tugs, it felt good, I was looking forward to the weekend when I could hit the water early and fish instead of casting.
So this morning woke up extra early, could not sleep all that well, got some coffee, was still dark outside when I pulled in to the first pull out. Finished my coffee as I stood looking down at the run, planning in my head where I was going to start and how I was going to fish it. The weather was perfect, 53 degrees, misty and foggy, a tad too much wind but it faced towards my casting so I figured it would help my casting distance if I played it right.
Began working the run, felt good, wind was ok, first cast was off, was happy with it, the rod felt good, the line was working out just fine. I could tell I neede a little more practice, but I would be just fine. Worked the run, and about half way through it, iwhen "it" happened, as I blasted my cast I felt as if the tip of my rod had gotten loose, you know the feeling, no big deal all I had to do was put the segment back on and tighten it up, as I brought the rod closer looking for the loose section I noticed that it was still attached, just where it should be, what the?... Okay , so what was that?I thought, then as I lowered and raised the tip I felt it, the rod section had collapsed, like if I had crushed the section of rod with a vise, are you kidding?
I couldn't believe it, I was done, for good, back to the drawing board, once again!!


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Just a couple tough breaks in a row by the sound of it. I've had one snap right at the butt about 4" above the cork a few years back but my tips have been good. I'm not advocating spending all your money on rods but I have 2 of some and 3 of another size & weight. The reasoning is that if I were to break my 1981 Salmon Fly there is no warranty on it so I have a second rod.

For a 13' second rod I have an LL Bean Streamlight 8 weight. Actually a very good rod for a very good price. Better have backups :)


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Those are some tough "breaks"! Sorry to hear of this during nice fall conditions on the NU (well, it's running a bit high right now). Sounds like your on your way to my neck of the woods to grab a TLR, you won't regret it!

I'm with Ard as to buying "back ups" of the same weight class rod. That is why I own a Sage 9140 brownie and Sage 8136 IIIe, they both basically cast the same lines when I was into those "longer" rods.

Then I went with the Echo 6126 Classic (original) and also bought the 6126 Decho, they cast the same lines and I bought multiple TLR switches, again to have backups on hand to cast given line weights that I commonly cast.

The crazy thing is, I don't think I've actually broken a rod since buying backup rods!! Better knock on wood on that. I had dealing with breaking rods as well, even if I do have backups.

Wishing you the best in the bit of skating season we have left.

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