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Bruce & Walker "Grilse"

It may be too late this year to fish the new/second-hand Bruce & Walker that arrived last week. It's a 15-foot Grilse for 5-7-weight lines; 3-piece, dark green graphite - oops, "carbon." It has the usual B&W concealed hood/sliding ring and a heavy tip. The label doesn't say, but it's definitely from the "Bruce" stable: slowwwww.

I lawn-cast it with various long-wheelbase lines from DT6F to DT10F; the latter slowed it down even more but didn't tap all the butt's reserves.

Today I worked it on the Nooksack with a DT7F line, using a heavy-wire No. 2 fly to test its lifting power. After some 30-40-foot casts (to match the North Stilly at August lows), which of course the rod handled, I shook out the rest of the line and let fly. And it flew, repeatedly and easily: the whole 82-foot line plus 14 feet of leader. Yes, that was my backing knot hanging down there, next to my gaping jaw. It probably was good for another ten feet or more, but that was more than enough for this rod's intended use. The loops weren't tight, just long. I can't recall using another rod that handled 90-plus feet of DT more easily. Okay, maybe it weighs like a guilty conscience (11.5 oz.) compared to a similar length Solstice. But it's still going to be a line -mending, Bomber-waking sonofagun. Next summer.
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