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This Irvine will be donated to Adrian's favored organization.

From Colin's site:
"This vintage fly is named after Sandy Irvine of Drum Castle the inventor of the Drum series of flies."

Recipe: tied on size 4 daichii 2131
Tag: Oval silver, crimson floss
Tail: Topping, summer duck and chatterer. (subbed Kingfisher)
Butt: Black ostrich.
Body: ⅓ blue seal, ⅓ white seal and ⅓ blue seal.
Rib: Flat and oval silver.
Throat: Long fibred grey heron.
Wing: Grey turkey. (subbed goose)
Sides: Barred wood duck.
Cheeks: Blue chatterer. (subbed Kingfisher)

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Really exceptional tying. Many times I have perused the Drum series on that site with the inkling of maybe wanting to attempt one...yet I just wasn't inspired. But your rendition somehow catches my fancy. Inspiration noted!

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