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Greetings all.

Just registered on the site and am seeing quite a bit of useful info, so thanks in advance!

Longtime fly-fisherman, but very new new to the two-handed game. Got an 8 wt switch rod earlier this fall for steelheading, and as of this morning (after casting my buddy’s 7wt spey) am on a mission to get a spey rod. As I told another friend, “It’s a sickness”. :)

Anyway, just saying hi and making introductions. Looking forward to reading and learning, and hopefully contributing in due time.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

ps: a couple weeks ago landed this biggest fish of my life on flyrod: 33” coho. Used a single-hand TFO 8wt with Wulff Ambush/10ft sinking versileader/pink and purple Alaskabou. Snapped this quick pic and then let it go with the verbal instructions to “go make more salmon”.


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Ahhh the Alsea!

First add my warmest welcome, that river reference took me back in 'time.' Good friends lived about 30 minutes away and Wife 2.0 and I spent New Years Eve with them many calendar changes.

Zero dark thirty and I was in the Jeep headed for that river on 1-1-xyz. Never did catch a darned thing, but I was there before sun up. Usually freezing my butt I might add.:roll:

Just something about that river.
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