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My name is Jon, I've been fly fishing with a single hand rod since I was 10, I am addicted to fly fishing (this sounds like an icebreaker at an AA meeting). Basically everything I think about involves fishing, gear, boats, and planning the next fishing adventure.

Done a lot of dry fly fishing here in western North Carolina, a good amount of saltwater fishing- false albacore and bull red drum are a couple of my favorites.

I currently guide on the Kenai river in Alaska, I've been watching other peoples bobbers for too long (I do still like seeing it rip down and a 28+inch bow rockets out of the water 0:)). I love the PNW, fishing some coastal rivers in Oregon when I can, in between travels from nc to Alaska.

Looking to get more into the two-hander world theres nothing like the tug of a big bow or steelhead! Hopefully I can pick up a few things from you guys.

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