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Hi Spey people!

My first post here!

I live In Nova Scotia, Canada and fish for a varity of species but all with single handed rods. I would like like to take up a two hander particularly for Atlantic Salmon fishing (some spring, mainly fall, different rivers, different runs).

I have a limited budget. Looking for a general all-round intro spey rod!

This is my proposed set-up. I have looked around and thought about it a bit.

Here goes:

14 ft Redfly 9/10 wt (I can get one of these new for $325 canadian.)

9/10 Rio Midspey - Exchangable tips

1535 JW Young reel (I already own this one) I'm not sure whether the volume is big enough to carrry the Rio Midspey Tips line? I compared it to my Lamson Velocity 3.5 which has a spool volume of approximately 8 in3 the JW young has a volume of 8.7ic3 So it is bigger but I know spey lines are bigger. The JW Young held a 11wt floater SA supreme2 +100yrd of 30lb backing with 3/8" to 1/2" radial clearence previously. So I'm thinking it should be enough.

What does this board think of my proposal?

Is a 14 ft 9/10 wt an all arounded?
The Rio Tips line seems like a medium length head (for a beginner to grow into), but with the most versatility for fishing!

As I said I am new to 2 handers and open to opions.

Shoot away!


Dave :Eyecrazy:

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Redfly 9/14

Dave In the past I have fished many of Nova Scotias rivers for Salmon and the rod and line combination you have picked will enable you to cover almost all pools with a minimum of shooting line. Presently I use the Redfly 9/14 for winter Steelhead and the 10/15 for Chinook Salmon. In my area the Winter Steelhead range from 6 to over 20 pounds and the 9/14 easily handles these size fish. Although the 9/14 handles Chinook the range up into the forty pound range I use the 10/15 when targeting Chinook as the fish in my area are often over fifty pounds and can reach into the low eighties. If you are only targeting Salmon you may want to try the 8 weight but if you also are thinking of Striped Bass then the 9 would probably be the best choice. The Redfly has a fairly fast action is relatively inexpensive the finish is not as good as more expensive rods but they perform very well.
Here is a link to a review by Dana Sturn
Welcome Have fun and Tight lines..

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