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"Which Cast Should I Use" Thread spured a question: Can a FFF THCI be qualified to teach Skagit Casting?
Now my .02-cents worth on the THCI FFF instructor and Skagit casting.
A THCI should be looking at the ELEMENTS to make a cast. The style is driven by the equipment use and a qualified instructor will recognize the differences. Not every instructor can be extremely proficient in all styles, but should strive to become proficient. The engrained muscle memory to change or add a style is a long path. The subtle differences are very difficult to adjust, BUT an instructor can tell you what the rod-tip is doing and what should be changed and how to make the change. A THCI should not belittle or put-down any style of Two-Handed casting but rather incorporate practice time to fully understand ALL styles of casting. Teaching is the greatest learning tool in the world.

Klem...a student in progress towards the THCI....................Long live the TEST!!!
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