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In September the best beats are on the lower or bottom stretches of the Tweed, your budget is then the next consideration as these beats are expensive. Most of the best beats are already booked up for this year but by the second half of the month the middle river stretches should be fishing well as long as there is no drought.
If you are fishing for the week [remember 6 days, no Sunday fishing for salmon in Scotland] then it may be worth splitting the week into 2 separate 3 day bookings one on the lower river & one on the middle then you should maximise your chances of good river conditions whatever the weather does.
You didn't say when in September you want to fish but look on Fishpal [FishTweed] & see what is available, remember to divide the months catches by the number of rods the beat fishes to get fish per rod then you can compare like with like.
If you are going for the week commencing September 10th then [as an example] you may choose Horncliffe [Lower River] for the Monday to Wednesday & Lower Pavilion [Middle River] for the Thursday to Saturday. This would give you a variety of water to fish as well.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Regards, Tyke.
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