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In memory of Bosco 1990-2005

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A good friend and faithful companion.

He would wake with me no matter how early.

He was always happy when I returned.

His last breath was in my hands.

Goodbye good buddy.


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My condolences...

Sorry to see your post. Dogs are great companions and it's awesome that you had 15 years with him!
very sorry to hear the news. wish things weren't the way they are, with the age diffs. just sucks.
Sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Lab a few years ago ... I know your pain and feeling of loss. It is a sad thing to loose a friend that is always happy to see you.
Sorry for your loss voodoofly. I have a black lab named Doogie who is 11. Like Bosco he has been a constant companion for me since he was a pup. Also like Bosco he's always happy to see me and he always knows when I've had a bad day. There's a reason they call them man's best friend.

Here's to Bosco...he'll always be with you guiding every cast.

very sorry to hear. they bring us such joy and such heartbreak. he will still follow you wherever you go.
always sad to hear

Sorry about your loss, Voodoofly. I hope I have 13 more years with my fishing buddy.
Hi and thanks

to all who have viewed/responded or PM'd. I have gotten closure. A good dog will never be replaced. He is permanently etched in my mind and soul.

"The mind becomes clear when streamside, just the line loop in hand, total focus on the swing with the anticipation of the grab" VooDooFly 2005.

Take Care,

We have felt the pain of a few lost dogs over the years. My wife who is a Christian asked her minister if she would ever see them again. His reply...... of course you will as Heaven is for all creation. I am not in a hurry to get there but I hope he is right.
My condolences - my pup is only 3 but is already in the grove (the fish are coho) - it will be tough when I eventualy out live him!


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Sorry for your loss. We lost a fifteen year old lab cross yesterday morning. She is now running in doggy heaven with out three previous dogs.
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