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Illinois Steelheaders Meeting and MOVIE NIGHT: Thursday

If you attended last months presentation about how only 10% of anglers are 'truly' maximizing Lake Michigan's southern-basin bites,

Then you know that the guests like JOHN A., the club members, and the food are top-notch and worth the time.

Thursday night, the 17th is our next meeting !!!

6:30-7 : beverages and BS
7: meeting starts
7:30 feature presentation
Meeting Cost: $15 (includes a pretty darn good italian buffet supper)

Our membership always has 3-4 experts out fishing on any given DAY.
We don't publish numbers, body-shots, or ego posts. Most of our members were banging chrome fish since some of today's internet sensations were still in diapers.

* As usual, we will start off with announcements, ride/trip-sharing requests, and share our "NO B.S." fishing reports that ---WONT BE ON THE INTERNET----from rivers, harbors, and beaches from the surrounding 4 states. We will also display the best stuff that folks can borrow FREE from our huge library of DVDs, books, and maps.

Thursday's overarching meeting theme is:

Bleeding-heart, granola-eating, tree-hugging, peace and daisies environmentalism at is most "Left".
* We will be showing a short film from American Rivers from a member--to educate people on the benefits of dam removal and river restoration.
* Next, we will show an award-winning film covering the PEBBLE MINE which summarizes the battle over 'the baby's room'---the headwaters of the planets richest salmon factory.

Little Villa Italian Banquets
660 N Wolf Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60016
phone: 847-296-7763

Come on out and bring a buddy. If you are reading this, you're not fishing; so what the heck.

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