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Greetings fellow boardmembers! I'm back from Kamchatka! Now it's time to go STEELHEADING! YEA! But before I go I just have to add my own remarks to the list of great comments already presented on this thread.


Skagit casting just a new name on an already established method? This just shows your ignorance on the method and is also a pretty good indicator of why you harbor such disdain for it - lack of understanding. I would suggest that you read through the archives on past discussions about Skagit casting.

Intruder a plug? Under this line of thinking I should think that the venerable old Bomber is just another form of Jitterbug or Hula Popper.

Tradition? Whose? Steelheading is yet young enough to still be defining its tradition. And, since when, and by what authority has it been established that steelhead are another form of Atlantic salmon - they are not. Don't confuse Atlantic salmon fishing or its traditions with steelheading.


Learning to cast a shootinghead system with precision, power, and consistency is no less skilled an accomplishment than casting well with a long line. The term "easier", when used in discussions about Skagit casting on this board in the past, was used to denote the fact that this style of casting produces less PHYSICAL STRAIN on the caster than long-line methods.

On "tradition" - note my comment to Speyhead.

Your determination of "high standards" is your personal OPINION, not a statute or requirement that other anglers must follow. The fact that you present the notion that because you are fishing with "traditional" methods that you are therefore somehow "superior" to anglers that choose to fish in a differing manner, well that's just a load of smelly excrement, and also is an attitude that the sport of angling could well do without.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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