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Has anyone been to Iceland to fish? suggestion?
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All land is private. You have to hire a guide to fish rivers. There are some open lakes. Not sure where to get the list anymore though. I would contact a guide service in Iceland if ya want to fish
Yellow dog has some trips there and I feel like I’ve seen some posts in this forum on it.
I added a couple days of fishing to a trip there last June and caught some nice char. Got a guide one day but did a diy second day. The guide certainly helped, but because the "beat" you get a license for is usually pretty manageable length of river, you could do a half day guide if you need to cut corners and fish the rest on your own. I can give you the specific info on which rivers and the company I booked it through if you want
I fish there pretty much every summer. As mentioned all fishing for the most part is private you don’t need a guide I have fished there since the 1970s and have never used a guide. Most of the salmon fishing is expensive but then again it is private so you have a beat or section of a river all to yourself. The top rivers are quite expensive, there are less productive rivers which are less expensive but you get what you pay for. There are trout rivers where you can fish for brown trout, sea trout, char, and sea char. The of trout fishing For the most part is less expensive and can be quite good. I often split my time there between fishing for trout and salmon.
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Thanks.....looks like the cost is the same as Alaska....
Yes I would say on par with Alaska. The big differences are no large animals in Iceland, larger fish runs in Alaska, direct flights to Iceland and then driving while fishing no float planes, or multiple small planes to get you to a lodge, etc. So all fishing in Iceland is via vehicle along roads no boats or planes used so makes it easier for DIY.
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