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Icelandic Fishing
Icelandic rivers open for a short but frenetic blast of some the finest salmon and sea trout fishing found anywhere on earth. Iceland does nothing by small measures and the fishing is no different. Atlantic salmon enter the rivers and streams in great numbers during July, in the south of the country, with north island peaking in August.

Like most of Europe, salmon fishing in Iceland, is controlled based on land ownership. Farmers, in general, own the land which offers anglers exclusive access to prime salmon water. The quality and exclusivity of fishing is only heightened by the staggering natural beauty of the country.

This exclusivity comes at a price. However, here are Pesqa’s tips to fishing Iceland on a budget:

- See more at: https://www.pesqa.com/blog/6-tips-fishing-iceland-budget#sthash.CHGSNBLM.dpuf

Many Thanks
Sam Franklin
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