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Well after watching some of the Art of Spey Casting DVD this weekend I have a couple of new mentors. I was sitting there telling my girl friend what my casting style is and she was getting a glazed over look and just nodding her head say OK, OK , etc. Well I was talking about my hands and how there is a difference between the reach and under hand. And low and behold the next demo on was Knut and Trond. I have found two guys to follow, well besides the fishing gurus I get to fish with once in awhile (Tyler, Dana, Tip, etc). Those guys look fun and there style is what I am trying to get to. Plus I think if you were out for a night with the boys and someone started some trouble they would be the best back up you could have is Kush wasn't around.

Excellent video. Really like the Hazel's presentation too as it was fishing casts not just casting cast.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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