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I finaly did it

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After 23 years of flyfishing, I've decided to give my best effort in the "art" of spey casting/fishing. I just purchased a Dec Hogan 13' 8wt. I had a chance to cast this rod before I bought it and loved it. Especialy after the flyshop dropped $220.00 off the price tag. Almost all of the reviews I have read about this rod have been positive. Do any of you own this rod? If so, what do you think? Did I make a wise choice?
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Hey Wannabe,

Both Dec Hogan and Ed Ward use this as their "lighter" winter rods. If you'd seen them cast, you'd agree that it's a very capable rod.

There is also a review of this rod on the Spey Pages - as i remember it, Dana had a very favorable impression of the rod.

Given those 3 positive votes, i'd definitely say you made a good choice!


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And 'less' $220 'tain't

bad either. Want fly shops to make a good living but some times it's the "stuff" that no one else (read that they want to move it out) is were you get your best deals. Been there a couple of times, and done that.
The flyshop actualy told me that they won't be getting any more spey rods in unless they are special ordered. Which is why I got mine on a discount. All they had left in stock was the Dec Hogan and a St. Croix. They seem to figure that everyone who wanted a spey rod bought one and that the "run" was over.

I was a little hesitant on buying an 8wt, but the people I talked to seem to think it should work fine. I hope so.

Thanks for the input guys!
dec hogan 13' 6 wght

i am a friend and customer of dec and ed. i tried the rod early in the prototype stage. i would not have bought it if it did not fit my casting stle. however i owe my casting style to those two.however eds style is much different than dec's and ed loves that rod.it does everthing i need it to do,yet it is a nice small rod that handles small fish and 30lb fish. with a full floater it feels like i am fishing a single hand rod. on short line cast i sometimes use one hand.i have 6 other rods and dont use them and recently sold one. however, you schould know the three of us use a heavier line on the rod. i used a 9-10-11 windcutter and recently switched to an airflo 9-10.this is the main reason i am writing this. make sure you try a couple of weights before you spend money on a line.
I love mine. I have 4 spey rods and I use this rod the most. I use a 8-9 Accelerator for a floater and a 9-10 Aireflow for tips.
A sweet rod indeed.....

A good friend of mine has a Dec Hogan and I fell in love with his when he let me try it out. Now if I can convince the Mrs. that we don't need a new washing machine...................:rolleyes:
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