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OK fellas, I'm heading to NZ for some great trout fishing, but the ocean is right there. I've played in it a little bit before but never had any success. I'd like to give it a better go this time around so I'm looking for ideas.
My tools include:
Dan craft 10' switcher, 8wt
Forecast 11'6, 6/7 wt
Echo2 9wt
Even though to Echo is the clear choice for the beach it still mgiht not come with me as it is the longest and hardest to ship,but it probably will:hihi: . I'm thinking that I will be mostly doing overhead casts and not true speys in the salt, but who knows.
My lines include:
Various 8wt and 9wt floaters of varios tapers, bass bugs, salt water etc
SA short head 6/7 that both the Dan Craft and Forecast seem to like
Running line set of for the Echo, with Airflow Scandi head and Loop Adapted 10wt, cut back 3 feet
12wt Tarpon line (slimeline) that I wonder if the forecast or Echo could chuck.
SO I'm thinking that a couple of shooting tapers would be best and use the running line. I was thinking about a slow sinking 10wt DT and chop it, but of course try finding that in Alberta!! I want distance, I'm using the Airflow orange running line and I know thats not the best for distance but I think it should work. I made a shooting basket last time and that seemed to help, still a bugger have to manage at that stripped line. Thanks for the ideas, just looking for a set up that will work well with out spending alot of $$ as I won't get to use it again for atleast another year.
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