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When I first started posting photos on this site they would invariably show up inverted. I would have to message GR8LAKES Mike and ask him to fix it for me, which he always did, cheerfully (thanks Mike).

I eventually did a little web research and found out how to remedy the situation without going to a third party photo hosting site. Never had an issue since. Hopefully this will benefit others.

The fix is very simple.

1. Never take photos for the web vertically (portrait style).

2. Always take photos for the web horizontally (landscape style).

3. This is important! When taking your photo (horizontally) make ceratin that the shutter botton (the button you touch to take the photo) is ALWAYS on the RIGHT.
If it is on the left the photo willl look fine on your phone but will often be upside-down when posted on the web.

There you have it. These three simple rules will have you posting online like a boss! Have fun.

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