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How many speyrod do you own

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My wife asked me a question.
Other than shop owners how many people own more than on Speyrod.
I said I know just who to ask.
How many???????
Next how many do you use.
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Newbie to spey so I have only one.

Have 10 single handers, I wonder if some how I can justify to my wife that spey rods are different than single handers ?
Wow, 1780+ views on this thread, which is not that old.

Might be a forumn record, other than the ethics and technology threads.

I think I will print this thread and show it to the wife who thinks I have to many fly rods, while I only have one spey rod and am definitely a newbie.

This may help me justify another one, since I have reduced my golf expenditures in lieu of spey technology at the present time.

Yes I have heard the T+Ts are really nice, I guess they should be for $ 700 though. Maybe I can find one on ebay ? :D

Don't know if I could get that purchase past the little lady with proper justifications.

Now thats what I call a real good friend !
Just remember all of you multi spey rod owners newbie spey PM may be interested in the right 9 weight 13 foot spey if you want to clear out unused inventory.;)

P.S. As far as I know you can only use one rod at a time.
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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