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How many speyrod do you own

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My wife asked me a question.
Other than shop owners how many people own more than on Speyrod.
I said I know just who to ask.
How many???????
Next how many do you use.
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Just trying to show Fred that there are other crazy people out there. :hehe: The fact that I have to think about my quiver is a bad sign... 10 in all with 2 more by year's end. Depending on where I am fishing will dictate how many toys get used. Usually 3 or 4 get the lion's share.

However, looking forward to one more week of fishing this year and I plan on using nothing but cane and silk!!!


I have two cane spey rods, 12' 7/8 and 13' 8/9 which is hollow fluted.

The smaller of the two weighs 12oz. and fishes a midspey 6/7 really well. I also try a silk DT8, but so far have met nothing but frustration. This rod is very slow and limber, but with gentle caressing it throws just fine for short to medium distances.

The 13' rod is a true joy to cast and will see many, many hours of use over its lifetime. It weighs just over 13 oz. and would be classified as a very quick wood rod. I throw this rod with a midspey 7/8 (when the wind is up) and silk DT9 until it sinks too badly and needs drying. This rod is pretty comparable to the old brown 9140-4 sage. It throws the same lines to nearly the same distances, but obviously the tip is quite a bit slower.

As I get more and more used to throwing wood and silk, the less I crave graphite. Fighting steelhead on cane is quite a treat, it too requires a little different technique. Just fight them off of the butt and enjoy the 13' of rubber band out there!

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1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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