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How many speyrod do you own

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My wife asked me a question.
Other than shop owners how many people own more than on Speyrod.
I said I know just who to ask.
How many???????
Next how many do you use.
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I have three at the moment but only fish two of them. One exclusively for summer fish and coho, the other exclusively for winter fish, chinook, and chum (it is used on the Thompson though). I haven't fished my Sage 9140-4 in over 4 years. I keep it because my wife likes it, although she hasn't fished that much the last couple of years, she seems content to watch our boys, ages 11 and 15 fish. I think it has to do with the 11 year old wanting her to watch him casting, which keeps her from fishing.

My 15 year old son has one as well, I got it for his birthday in May of this year. I want 3 more, actually 4 more if someone would make a 17 or 18 ft fast action 11 weight (blanks are OK if any rod manufacutuers might read this).

My wife knows that I want 3 more and which three they are. Maybe she will buy me one for Christmas.

Can a person have too many 2-handers?

Mike, glad to hear that you are thinking about getting one of the big fast 2-handers, like my T&T 1611 you cast at the nano-clave.


I have seen and cast one cane 2-hander, a 14 footer. It had been rewrapped and refinished and looked very nice; however, I have no idea who made it because the person who refinished it sanded off the rod maker's name when it was redone.

It was a beast of a rod, weighed nearly 2 pounds. Didn't get to cast it though, the fellow who showed it to me was afraid that if we overloaded it that it might break. He was going to use it as a wall hanging is his living room. Sure wished he would have let me cast it.

Nooksack Mac,

That 15 foot greenheart of yours is quite the beast to behold! It must weigh 3 pounds or more! And we complain about the heavy 15 to 18 ft graphites weighing too much at 10 to 14 onces. I didn't cast it at the nano-clave, and now I regret not doing so because then I would know what the old greenhearts felt like. It sure looked like it was a very slow rod.
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