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I'm mostly curious, but part if the reason for the question is the fact that in much of my other fishing, I've been migrating to more of a streamer-type fishing (trout & bass) where it's more of a cast, then strip like hell type game (migrating from a good portion of my fishing being nymping). My rod is an 8wt 8'6" glass Steffen Bros. and when I'm swinging, I'm typically throwing an 8wt Ambush with a standard tapered (tied by me) leader and weighted fly. All of this fishing is typically a pretty short game, but I also feel like I can been a little more versatile with my SH rod. Do you think it would be easier to just throw a really long integrated sink tip (my standard streamer rig is a 24' integrated sink tip/shooting head). With higher winter flows, would something like this make sense? or should I stick with the Ambush and just throw on various sink tips (never liked the way that casts though--at least with the 10' type 8 tips).

note: when I say short game, I'm talking 20-50'...


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I have not SH fished for steelies for probably 10 years now and each year that passes the less I trout fish anymore.

Kind of sad really but that's the way it is. My buddy just bought a nice place in Big Sky right on the Gallatin so I guess my trout days are not over yet.

Throwing a 7/8 weight SH just makes my shoulder hurt talking about it.
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