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At first glance the book "Hot Bass Flies" appears to be just another book of fly patterns. Although it does list a large number of fly patterns there is more to this book. A good number of patterns include notes describing the history of the fly and how best to fish it. These nuggets include some not so obvious techniques to catching more and bigger fish.

I also found it interesting that this book included a good number of flies beyond the usual hairwing bass bugs. In fact a good number of patterns are adaptations of patterns from other kinds of fishing. A good number of Saltwater patterns have been adapted to catching bass and even a salmon fly or two.

There are a couple "realistic" crayfish patterns but rather than focusing on the flies as art the book focuses on flies that catch fish. Some of the patterns look butt ugly. But they catch fish.

I have a couple issues with the book. One is that it focuses on the "big tackle" method of bass fishing. That is using an 8 wt rod and big hair bass bugs. There is another approach using 3wt rods and small flies. Spiders, little poppers, streamers and even dry flies to catch bass, (and panfish when the bass aren't hitting.) I would like to have seen some patterns for some of these smaller flies.

The other is that the book is heavy on patterns and light on technique. Some of the patterns require techniques that are not obvious from the pattern list or the notes section. A section covering some of these techniques would have been helpful.

All in all a decent book with a good number of old favorite patterns as well as some unique new ones. The notes sections included with each fly have some good techniques that make the book more useful than just another book of fly patterns.

So far the lion's share of book reviews have been on books about fly patterns. I promise the next one will be on something else, although I have my eye on a copy of "Go-To Flies". :D
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