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I've been tying some black and blue patterns for a while, a lot of them ended up in the not going to get fished pile. I tied hartwicks hoser with a few small variations and like the way it came out.

There are two cones in this pattern ( only one in the original). However both of the cones I used are not for adding weight. The first cone is tied in backwards and acts as a prop for fox and marabou, and the second one is just to clean up the look of the head. For me I really like tube flies with some sort of cone or bead, I just don't like the look of thread and burnt tubing.

Last thing I did was add JC eyes. I've been thinking a lot about patterns and looking at eyes. I've been looking at a lot of flies to get inspiration, and I think that eyes ( JC, dumbbell, gule on, ect) really make a different in mimicking a living organism.

Just my thoughts on the day.....



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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