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holidays on the Lower Rogue

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I need something to do, so I'm thinking about making a trip around the last part of December or early January to the Lower Rogue or other nearby areas on the S. Oregon coast. Looking for some very basic leads: lodging, dining, anybody who might guide in the area, general opinions on wading/bank access, fishing pressure, and whether this is a generally a bad idea. My ideal winter steelhead trip involves big water, bad weather, a warm place to dry out at the end of the day, not a lot of people, and the belief it is not impossible to find a fish. Got lots of maps. Any PMs appreciated.
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I think you'll be in luck, at least with the bad weather and big water...lol If I had a choice (out of the two months you mentioned) it would be Janurary on the Rogue. There will be a few fish playing around down there. Almost forgot, Google Gold Beach Vacation Rentals there are some great prices on nice places that time of year.
There also some good rental cabins in Agnes up river from Gold Beach.
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