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HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool, includes:

a) 0.041" and 0.062" stainless steel pins;

b) small tubing for tying (4 full and 3 partial);

c) large tubing for tying (6 full and 4 partial);

d) 12" of large junction tubing; and

e) 15 1/2" of small junction tubing.

Terra Tube Fly Tool:

a) vise jaw adapter;

b) 3 graduated, tapered pins; and

c) container of beads (don't ask me)

Eumer metal tubes:

a) 8 white 22mmx4. Two are missing liners; and

b) 1 pink 17mmx4. Missing liner.

Bag of badly ties flies on Eumer and Terra tubes

Beadmaster tool and mat. Unopened.

Prices are shipped CONUS:

All of the tube fly materials: $25

Beadmaster: $15

Buy both for $35


1 - 4 of 4 Posts