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I don't want to have to put on ebay. I'm not sure if I'll have to sell yet or not. I don't WANT to. But being on L & I I lose quite a bit of money. So have had to tighten my belt a bit. But, have a family to take care of, so may have to get rid of my spey rod/reel. But not sure of the worth.

Older, but pristine Sage 9140-3 (14' 9wt) with sock and aluminum sage rod tube. I have a Lamson LP7 Spey reel that's immaculate, with bag. Loaded with Rio WC multitip 8/9/10 line with wallet. May be 9/10/11. I bought the line recommended for the rod.

So, what do you think I should ask for the setup? I'm hoping not to sell. But if it comes to it, I need to know what it's worth is. I can buy a new setup once I'm back to work and get my settlement from L & I (it's their fault I'm off).

Thanks for any advice.
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