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Hi Guys:

For the past 18 months, I have been fly fishing the surf in Southern California using overhead casting with a 2-handed rod. I want a different rod and I would appreciate your recommendations.

When fishing a single-handed rod, my TFO TiCr 6wt is great for me as I can appreciate the fight of smaller fish and yet, I can land larger fish. Wanting to cast further to reach additional productive waters, I purchased TFO’s 6wt 2-handed rod which is 12’ 6” with a medium action. I like the rod; however, as a 6wt, this rod is too stout for smaller fish. Currently, I am throwing 425 grain Outbound line. I know that seems heavy, but when I mentioned to TFO that 375 grain would not load my rod, they recommended 425, and that’s an excellent weight for this rod. The thing is, this rod fishes like an 8 to 9wt not a 6wt rod.

The predominant fish I catch are Barred Surf Perch from 6” to 14” (I want to feel the 7 to 11 inch perch battle my rod.) The Yellow Fin Croaker and Corbina range from 1 to 3 pounds and fight like a game fish. Small halibut up to 4 pounds are not uncommon either.

Here is what I am looking for; I want a 2-handed 6wt rod that fishes like a 6wt. A medium-fast or fast action rod. I am not inclined to want a switch rod.

You guys have a heck of a lot of experience with long rods and I am sure that there are things that I should be considering. What rod recommendations do you have for me?

Thank you,

Steve A

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I my opinion I think it may be a mistake to pass up the switch style rods. These are the ones that are true to their weight(as far as single hand ratings go) and in the 5 - 6 weight range they still maintain some stiffness while being true to weight. Most longer spey rods in the 5-6 wt range really are not much fun overhead. Much better suited to spey casting.

The rods I would look at:

The new Sage Z-Azis 11' rods. They come in 5,6,7 and 8 weight. The 5 would be perfect for what you are doing. Was casting the 6wt the other day and casts well over 100' were no problem.

Meiser Switch rods. 10'6" rods in 5/6 would be the one.

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