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The following was posted on another bulletin board after I was informed that Cutter's Bayhouse in Seattle was offering "Hoh River Wild Steelhead" on their menu. I ask that you read through the post and offer up your opinion in this thread or directly to the powers that be to help halt the sale of wild steelhead. By the way, Cutter's is owned and operated by Restaurants Unlimited who also own and operate the following establishments across the Country.

* Clinkerdaggers - Spokane, WA
* Horatio's - San Leandro, CA
* Maggie's Bluff - Seattle, WA
* Palamino - Charlotte, NC / Cincinnati, OH / Dallas, TX / Denver, CO / Honolulu, HI / Indianapolis, IN / Los Angeles, CA / Minneapolis, MN / Pittsburgh, PA / San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA
* Scott's Bar & Grill - Edmonds, WA
* Skate's on the Bay - Berkeley, CA
* Cutters Bayhouse - Seattle, WA
* Kincaid's - Bloomington, MN / Burlingame, CA / Honolulu, HI / Norfolk, VA / Oakland, CA / Phoenix, AZ / Redondo Beach, CA / Redondo Beach, CA
* Palisade - Seattle, WA
* Ryan's Grill - Honolulu, HI
* Simon & Seafort's - Anchorage, AK
* Stanley & Seafort's - Tacoma, WA

First of all, I would like to preface this by saying that I am not one who believes Native Americans should be stripped of their right to fish. However, I believe in moderation and I believe that those who are benefiting from the resource should also respect the resource.

Moderation and Respect were two things that I did not witness this past week. I popped out my camera to snap a couple pics of the tribal nets, my intent was to have some photo's to present to Cutter's/RUI in our campaign to convince them to halt the sell of Wild Hoh River steelhead. I ended up with photos of tribal fishermen herding fish; slots, side channels and riffles strung with nets; and a beautiful mid teen wild steelhead wrapped up in a net.

Let the campaign against Cutter's & Restaurnts Unlimited begin!

Not too long after a good freind and myself waded out into a flat to fish a slot below Barlow's and just above the Mouth, a tribal fisherman placed two nets. One was strung across the first riffle above the mouth and another was placed across the riffle upstream as well.

Given the skinny water, the traveling lanes of the fish coming in on the backside of the tide were very limited. Between placing the 1st and 2nd nets and after placing the 2nd, the tribal fisherman began to run up into the top of the riffles above the nets and slap and pound the water and his sled as he drifted downstream towards the net. He would then run downstream of that said net and again pound and slap the water and his boat with a large wooden pole as he idled towards the set net. He would then run into the tailouts upstream of the nets and continue to slap and pound the water and his boat with all the force he could as he drifted through the tailout, into the riffle and towards the set net. Given the low water, I would presume that this technique is very effective as the fish are herded into the nets. He continued this cycle for almost a full hour.

The following picture vaguely shows just what I am describing.

We then ran upstream, lacking any confidence to raise a fish amongst this mess.

After fishing some other water, we made our way into Nolan Bar at about 3 in the afternoon. As we walked down the side chanel, river right, the chanel with 80% of the water was strung across with one net. Just a few minutes, I saw a tribal fisherman trailer up his boat and head towards 101. I would presume that the nets would be checked sometime mid-morning the following day.

After walking downstream to explore some more water, another net was strung just below the confluence of both side chanels. As you will see, this is a larger net and you may be able to pick out the fact that half the floats are sunk. Stuffed with fish I presume.

Last but not least, one of the nets we ran across had a recent arrival, a mid-teen wild hen. I don't know but word has it, she survived so that she could continue her upstream journey. :evil:

And for many of those that fish rivers that experience heavy tribal netting, these sort of pictures will be nothing new. However in a low water year with fairly scarce numbers of fish, moderation and respect for the resource is a must.

Secondly, these pictures and the story that accompanies them will be presented to the powers that be at Cutter's and Restaurants Unlimited with a polite request that they halt the sale of wild steelhead at all their establishments.

At the very least, please sign this thread stating that you do not support the sale of wild steelhead and that you will not dine at their establishments until they do halt the sale of wild steelhead. Or you may go one step further and email the executives at Restaurants Unlimited to express your feelings.

The following link provides you with the who's who at Restaurants Unlimited

RUI Execs

and this link provides with a form to send off an email to the powers that be at RUI

Contact RUI

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Please correct me if I am wrong, (not like that hasn’t happened before) but I was always under the impression that the right of Native Americans to net fish was for subsistence and ritual purposes. This practice sounds like a commercial venture to me. Consider this my signature. :mad:


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Are there any limitations on when and how much they can harvest ? It would seem absurd that they would be allowed to simply harvest an entire run on a river. With the nets running the width of the river no fish could get past.


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What a travesty!!!

The resource needs to be protected. It is not just us white guys that have abused the resource.

I won't eat at eny of the establishment listed when they are selling "wild" steelhead.

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Boldt says 50%....yada yada yada. lets "scientifically" project there will 5000 fish return, the natives are allowed 2500 since you CANNOT project with any type of accuracy what it going to return to a river on any given year......2000 fish return, the natives are allowed 2500........WHOOPS there goes that run. What a Load of Shize.

The Makah were alloted 1600 and some fall chinook.....19,000 plus were caught before they could figure out how to count to 1600. This took place in the Straight of Juan if I am correct. Some of this fish were tagged - ranging into Idaho as well. The end result is going to be the state of WA giving them one of these..... :tsk_tsk: AND THAT WILL BE THE END OF IT!!!

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I feel that these hundred and some year old treaties need to be re-visited and revised a little. The native people should be allowed to fish - I have no problem with that. However, since the treaties were written and Mr. Boldt made his wonderful decision alot has changed. Societies change, technology changes, science becomes more and more accurate, etc etc etc. WE all have to "ADAPT AND OVERCOME" with our rapidly changing world....Why doesnt this seem to apply to the natives and their nets???????? :mad: :confused:

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After further communication with RUI's Hospitality/Guest Relations Manager regarding their original "non commital" response and the urgency associated with this issue I just received this message:

Dear Chris:

I have just spoken with our Director of Operations for Washington, Mr.
Attila Szabo, and he has informed me that tomorrow, 3/3/05, Wild Halibut
will replace Wild Steelhead on our menus.

Thank you.

Keri Griffith
Home Office Hospitality/Guest Relations Manager
Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.
206.634.0550 x1400 or "0"
[email protected]

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The Director of Operations for RUI just telephoned me, Mr. Attila Szabo after I sent off an email asking for a written letter from Mr. Szabo promising that wild steelhead would no longer be served in RUI restaurants.

You maybe happy to know that he owns an Alumaweld driftboat, is an avid steelheader and has fished the Hoh and has in fact, seen the nets.

And Mr. Szabo did inform me that as of tomorrow, wild steelhead will be replaced with wild halibut because the first catches of the season have become available.

Mr. Szabo made no promises that wild steelhead would not be on the menu next year and I was led to believe, that Cutter's would be serving wild steelhead come next year. He told me that for every letter he recieved against the sale of wild steelhead at Cutter's, he recieved a letter in support of it. He also told me that he is worried about the backlash that he will face if he offers farmed salmon because of the bad press that farmed salmon have been recieving as of late.

When I asked him to please not utitilize Hoh River stock as the river has not been making escapement, he told me that he can not trust nor believe those numbers.

He kept making reference to the emotion and such that was involved and the understands that and kept telling me that we was NOT dodging the question and the problem.

Plus he told me to take up the issue with the F&W Commision and the State Government.

I was having issues with my cell phone reception at the time so I was not able to engage him as much as I would of liked.

On the bright side, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy....

However, I am not supporting any RUI establishment and I will not support any RUI establishment until I get a promise that wild steelhead will no longer be served.

This is just the begining....
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