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I have had the best success with Orbitz
when I've looked for non-company travel, but I don't fly personally much and I never fly international.

Orbitz is pretty fast, gives lots of options, and I don't think you'll find any cheaper fares, unless you luck out with

Here's the least expensive I found on Orbitz in the time I looked:

$927 airfare
$5 service fee
$932 trip cost
Air Canada 8860
operated by partner airline
Tue, Nov 26 3:45p-6:35p
plane change
Boston (BOS) Halifax (YHZ) 3

Air Canada 860
Tue, Nov 26 9:15p-11:15p
Halifax (YHZ) St John's (YYT)

Air Canada 860
Tue, Nov 26 11:55p-8:25a
plane change
St John's (YYT) London (LHR)

Air Canada 6645
operated by partner airline
Wed, Nov 27 10:40a-12:00p
London (LHR) Edinburgh (EDI)
total duration: 15h 15min

Air Canada 6642
operated by partner airline
Sun, Dec 1 8:30a-10:00a
plane change
Edinburgh (EDI) London (LHR) 2

Air Canada 865
Sun, Dec 1 1:05p-3:30p
plane change
London (LHR) Montreal (YUL)

Air Canada 388
Sun, Dec 1 6:10p-7:25p
Montreal (YUL) Boston (BOS)
total duration: 15h 55min

Hopefully somebody will provide you with a less expensive option, but if any of this post is useful, please don't send me the Wheatley--much as I'd like it. I appreciate this site, and am not able to provide much support at the present (I laughed and cried at the thread re how many spey rods people had--I have 1 plus a 10.5 footer for my 12-yr-olds), so declining the Wheatley is the least I can do.

--Bill Koran
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