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HELP! Cheapest fare Boston-Edinburg

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I have been trying for days to nail down the best flight option for Scotland leaving 11-26 night time or 11-27 morning, returning 12-1. I have zero flexibility in these dates or must forfeit the trip.

If anyone is particularly good at working the online reservations game and I use your suggestion I am offering a new custom engraved and personalized (with your name) swingleaf Wheatley flybox as a token of my appreciation. I will also have a fly hand-delivered from the River Tweed in that box.

I can leave from Logan or Hanscom, possibly Manchester NH on 11-26 night, extend that to Providence, Worcester, etc on 11-27.

Thanks in advance.
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I have had the best success with Orbitz
when I've looked for non-company travel, but I don't fly personally much and I never fly international.

Orbitz is pretty fast, gives lots of options, and I don't think you'll find any cheaper fares, unless you luck out with

Here's the least expensive I found on Orbitz in the time I looked:

$927 airfare
$5 service fee
$932 trip cost
Air Canada 8860
operated by partner airline
Tue, Nov 26 3:45p-6:35p
plane change
Boston (BOS) Halifax (YHZ) 3

Air Canada 860
Tue, Nov 26 9:15p-11:15p
Halifax (YHZ) St John's (YYT)

Air Canada 860
Tue, Nov 26 11:55p-8:25a
plane change
St John's (YYT) London (LHR)

Air Canada 6645
operated by partner airline
Wed, Nov 27 10:40a-12:00p
London (LHR) Edinburgh (EDI)
total duration: 15h 15min

Air Canada 6642
operated by partner airline
Sun, Dec 1 8:30a-10:00a
plane change
Edinburgh (EDI) London (LHR) 2

Air Canada 865
Sun, Dec 1 1:05p-3:30p
plane change
London (LHR) Montreal (YUL)

Air Canada 388
Sun, Dec 1 6:10p-7:25p
Montreal (YUL) Boston (BOS)
total duration: 15h 55min

Hopefully somebody will provide you with a less expensive option, but if any of this post is useful, please don't send me the Wheatley--much as I'd like it. I appreciate this site, and am not able to provide much support at the present (I laughed and cried at the thread re how many spey rods people had--I have 1 plus a 10.5 footer for my 12-yr-olds), so declining the Wheatley is the least I can do.

--Bill Koran
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If all else fails!!


You might want to try Glasgow as well. It's only 48 mi. from Edinburgh. Good Luck!

Cheers, Sandi (kush's fishing widow)
A few options...

Air Canada $1530-$1661
(Logan - Glasgow)

Air Canada $1687-$1924
(Manchester - Edinburgh)

Travelocity - Air France $2426
(Logan - Edinburgh)

also -

aircanada.ca $1615
(Logan - Edinburgh)

Not so good, but best I could find....
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Thank you everybody for all the kind assistance.

I awoke this morning at o'dark thirty to try again and found that the 7-day advance window for some of the more affordable (yet still grounds for marital unrest) we gone as well. You snooze you lose, I thought those fares were bad, the best today are much worse.

But, I very much appreciate all the help and concern but I am going to have to pull the plug on this dream trip. I currently have "both bosses" questioning my dedication right now, and the $$ impact with two kids in college is more than I can bear.

It was a last minute, once in a lifetime opportunity but the parameters could not work out.

Well, gotta go - the car is all warmed up in the garage and I need to go sit in in and sulk for three or four hours with the windows rolled up ;)
:( bummer :(
:chuckle: Mjyp -

You raise a good point though, what happens to "the stash" if and when we go on to the big boulder garden in the sky?

I've seen garage sales where relatives are selling the deceased angler's stuff at outrageous prices and anglers who happen to be driving their wives around the neighborhood are scoring bigtime from the misfortune.

I looked at my wife and asked her in the event I perish, NEVER sell my stuff at a garage sale like that! :)

I would like it to be held until the next of kin is born with the same degree of infatuation for flyfishing so it continues to see time on the water in appreciative hands.
How old are guys and can I get in :smokin:
The retired gentlemen I visited with yesterday who showed me his gun collection and hunting trophies said his wife did not have a clue how expensive some of the guns were ($ 5-10K each). Got to find out how this guy has hid this expensive toys from his wife all these years. My wife says my fly fishing stuff is all going out in the garage sale unless one of my sons claims it. I am working on turning the football player son into a fly fisherman though. He has possibilities: intelligence, athletic, perserverance, and can take pain like a great lakes winter steelheader must endure.:D
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