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I hope you guys have a great get-together today and wish I could be there! I'll just have to settle for some casting in the winter wonderland out here, but at least today's weather permits it (over 40 degrees today).

Please take lots of pictures so I can vicariously experience it and I look forward to coming out for the big fly show in Feb to cast for winter runs before/after showtimes.

Have a great clave and thanks to all the guys who make this such a blast!

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God smiled on Spey Day

The fog burned off, the sun came out, the river was gin clear and the wind was absent. The great people who make up the spey community arrived and we had a great time. Thanks to Luv2Spey for furnishing the Krispy Kreams and Speybum for the support, I don't know how many rods he brought. There were more rods and lines than anyone could cast in one day. Brian and others brought a number of rods and lines. Kush brought the rods from Japan.

Last gathering it was the greenhart rod and this time it was the 16' from Japan. Always something new to experience. I look forward to the next gathering.

Thanks to all for their time and sharing their knowledge.


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That about says it all.
The Speyclave was a bigger success than I had ever dreamed it would be.
We had over 100 people in attendance.
Yes you read right .
The oldest Speycaster that I know of was 71 and the Youngest will be 10 in six days.
Chelsea Olson was our Spey poster girl. Not yet 10, She with dad’s help ended up throwing very good loops.
We had a lot of people who wanted and did learn what the Speyclave was all about and they had fun.
I would like to thank Michael Peterson (LUV2SPEY), Brian Stystal (HIGHLANDER), Northwest Speycasting and International Speycasting Association for all of their hard work putting this together.
John Reid and Old Rich for helping me during the set and tear down
We hand lots of people pitching in to help with the instruction.
There were demo’s. LUV2SPEY got with the Turbo spey,
Kush demonstrated the new CND rods (more on these later) and Ed Ward worked with the Skagit style of casting.
I would like to thank everyone who came and those who didn’t but wanted to for making this a very special day for me.
We have tentatively set up two more conclaves. One is set for February and a special one for April on the Skagit for Junior Fly fishers and Speyfishers.
I will be working out the details.

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